Marjan Borsjes evolved from her background of social sciences and community development work to become a social photographer. Marjan has specialized in the photography of people.

She won prizes at the United Nations Contest (Year of the Family 2004) and in Granada (Fine Art 2006).
She received honorable mentions at International Photography Awards 2004, Mediterrane Photobiennale 2002 and was nominated for the PANL Award.

Marjan photographed intercultural activities in Amsterdam (Dinner with Neigbours from different cultural backgrounds, Reverse assimilation, Couscous Candle Light Diner, en Tunesische Iftar), in Utrecht (Day of Ivorians) and in New York (2005 West Indian Parade).
She organized a multicultural project in the Vrijplaats in Amsterdam (2004).

Marjan performed photo projects for:

  About Image Consultancy  
  Alternative View  
  Amsterdams Fire Service  
  Amsterdamse District Councils  
  Gallery Arps & Co  
  Institute of the Americas (London)  


Marjans products include:

  Social reportages
  Portraits on location
  News photos
  Photo books
  Photography for websites, folders and annual reports



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