2002 Focus on Old West (District of Amsterdam), at Toonzaal
2002 Portraits, at NOPPES-Office (Local Exchange & Trade System)
2002 Neighbourhood Museum, Wenslauerstraat, Amsterdam
2003 City Scapes and Portraits, Costa & Co, Amsterdam
2003 Photos with a Wink, at Barbers Place Figaro Pasquale, Amsterdam


  Group exhibitions
2001 Look at Us, Fotomonument 2000, Zaanstad, The Netherlands
2002 Holland Thank You, ABC Treehouse Gallery Amsterdam 
2002 Water, exhibition at Polder Board, Hilversum
2003 Dogs and their Masters, Kinkerhoek Library, Amsterdam
2003 Typical Van Lennep. Neighbourhood Exhibition. Inspired art by the inhabitants of the Van Lennep- en Bellamybuurt, Amsterdam
2003 Tuliphoto,Dutch photographers showed their best photos of tulips, Treehouse Gallery Amsterdam
2004 Bellamy by Night-route, Art in lighted windows
2004 Encounter of Cultures, in Galery Vrijplaats, Amsterdam
2004 Water, Treehouse Gallery Amsterdam
2006 Pink Ribbon Exhibition Gallery, Bijenkorf Amsterdam
2006 Fine Arts International Contest, Granada
2007 Rain or Shine, ABC-Treehouse Gallery
2009 "The Netherlands at the Photographers Evening", ABC-Treehouse Gallery
2009 Antonio Gualda Museum in Durango, Mexico
2010 World Artists of Amsterdam 1, Library Soerabajastraat, Amsterdam
2010 Close finish, Photo Gallery, Amsterdam
2011 Gallery Passion, Amsterdam
2011 World Artists of Amsterdam 2, Podium Mozaic Amsterdam
2013 Colores con espiritu
2015 Guatemala Photo Festival (book New Camouflage)



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