Peter Dumont - sculptor, painter and photographer:
"Lovely contrast between the exuberant foreigner and that supremely typical Dutch landscape!"

Ferry Dutch - poet:
"She knows how to consider and exploit the light in the right way, in this one photo with many points of significance.
The black Bohemian in the foreground is lit very naturally, his face an expressive poem, his expression is a link with, as well as a “detachment” from, the monumental background of the Dutch windmill.  He belongs well here – with the green grass with its oh so Dutch fragrance and colour and creating depth between contrasts that have long become part of the modern intercultural environment and atmospheric pictures of Holland.
Marjan has the correct positioning and viewpoint of her photographic eye to thank for the clarity of colour – not on luck or serendipity alone. She has feeling for detail (that already sounds almost obligatory) and makes a successful art of viewing and portraying in a professional manner.
More than a skill or a scientific technique – an art of viewing Holland at its most beautiful. How can it be that some art looks so careful? All the details involved in this, put into pictures with care and love – sometimes sympathy....? The photographer Marjan is suddenly a painter too. With the stroke of a brush she paints the details and the whole; like a poetress she differentiates the nuances into lines of light and shadow, the colours that distinguish themselves and the right associations of gesture – those fingers spread like frivolous windmill sail arms ....."

Aloys Ginjaar - photographer and journalist:
"They are often kind photos and as your character determines your perspective and therefore how you photograph too, then Marjan must also “have a kind character”. Her pictures make you think of times gone by: The Fifties. Holland in no hurry. You don’t encounter haste in her work either."

Bestty Phiri - accountant, Zambia:
" Please keep up the good work you have started and currently doing. Visionary people like you are few and rare."

Finnegan and Windmill
Honorable mention International Photography Awards (IPA) 2005

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